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5 Tips to Retain Maintenance Techs During - and Beyond - the Pandemic

Retaining maintenance staff can be a challenge under normal circumstances. As we’ve discussed before, the turnover of maintenance techs is continuing to increase to an […]

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5 Tips to Help Your Employees Accept Digital Transformation

Shifts. Evolutions. Digital transformations. Whatever buzzword you choose, there's no denying that change is a regular part of doing business. Yet while adapting to new […]

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4 Strategies to Reduce the Sting of Multifamily Employee Turnover

Even in the best of times, the multifamily industry was battling a 39 percent turnover rate for onsite maintenance—and let’s face it, a pandemic adds new and unforeseen […]

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5 Tips to Build Resiliency in an Economic Downturn

If you’re lying awake at night thinking about your business, you’re far from alone. Economic downturns can cause even the most experienced leaders to lose sleep. And given […]

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3 Change Models to Keep Business Transformation on Track

You’ve probably had some genius idea to improve your business, only to find it’s far more difficult to implement that you realized. Let’s face it—most of us have implemented […]

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Losing Time and Money on Multifamily Property Operations? Take Our FREE 5-minute Assessment Tool to Find Out.

Keeping pace with the speed of business is daunting, especially in multifamily operations and facilities management

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5 Tips to Keep Your Digital Transformation from Derailing

A digital transformation should enable and accelerate your business growth. Yet without the right approach, many technology upgrades fall short of expectations. After all, […]

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10 Ways to Keep Your Capital Projects from Being Derailed

It's easy to deliver top-quality results when budgets and timelines aren't an issue. Unfortunately, that's not how the real world works. In today's race to cut costs and work […]

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6 Ways to Get Tech-Averse Teams to Use Technology

The digital revolution is here, but not everyone is eager to leave old habits in the past. For employers working with non-tech-savvy staff, this can leave opportunities for […]