Tips and Articles for Multifamily Operators

How IMT Residential Streamlined their Turnover & Maintenance Processes

Apr 13, 2022 5:13:31 PM

The pursuit of greater transparency and control over its multifamily operations led IMT Residential to SuiteSpot Technology. With approximately 17,000 units owned and operated nationwide across 54 communities in nine states, IMT sought a maintenance solution that would fully integrate with MRI...
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11 Must Have Property Operations and Maintenance Reports

Feb 28, 2022 12:42:41 PM

According to the 2021 NAA Survey of Operating Income & Expenses in rental apartment communities, the Repair and Maintenance category is the fourth largest expenditure category in garden apartments,...
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The Hidden Value of Property Inspection Apps

Jan 18, 2022 9:04:18 PM

Property inspection apps have emerged as a much-needed alternative to paper checklists and clipboards, but they’re not all created equal.
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Announcing SuiteSpot Technology Seed Funding

Jan 11, 2022 8:59:18 AM

A centralized, cloud-based project, vendor, and workforce management system to streamline rental real estate property maintenance processes
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Isn’t It Time That Everybody ❤️s The Software They Use?

Nov 18, 2021 8:00:00 AM

The multifamily housing business is a great business to be in. Every day we have the opportunity to provide a wide variety of people with what most people believe is among the most fundamental human...
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SuiteSpot Technology Hires First Chief Revenue Officer (CRO)

Nov 4, 2021 8:48:00 AM

Toronto, Ontario, Canada, November 4, 2021 -- SuiteSpot Technology, a PropTech software solution that helps multifamily real estate operators streamline their unit turnover and maintenance processes,...
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Manage Turns from Anywhere with the Smart Make-Ready Board™

Oct 27, 2021 8:00:00 AM

Readying a multifamily unit for lease or rental takes work. A lot of work. And between inspections, repairs, replacements, and managing all parties involved, it can be difficult to keep tabs on every...
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IMT Partners with SuiteSpot to Enhance Maintenance Processes

Oct 26, 2021 9:32:15 AM

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, October 26, 2021. SuiteSpot Technology is excited to announce a partnership with IMT Residential. This October, the US-based apartment operator became the newest member of...
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Skyline Living's Make-Ready and Maintenance Transformation

Sep 28, 2021 3:42:57 PM

The pursuit of unit turnover savings, efficiencies, and data-driven insights led Skyline Living on the search for a new facilities maintenance solution. After scouting the market for the best fit,...
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How Maintenance Teams Can Better Manage Their Vendors

Sep 13, 2021 5:30:00 PM

It takes a multi-disciplined team to keep properties well maintained and residents happy. That team includes any vendors who must remain in close connection and collaboration with building staff, so...
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