Breaking Down Language Barriers in Multifamily Teams

Breaking Down Language Barriers in Multifamily Teams

SuiteSpot’s Smart Translation™ aims to bring teams together

Multifamily teams face enough challenges in the field. Language barriers don't need to be another. With this in mind, SuiteSpot Technology has introduced the SuiteSpot Smart Translation™ feature to its TRIMM platform which eliminates the friction that can arise within multi-language teams.

“Communication, or lack thereof, is often cited as the primary source of friction in all aspects of our lives,” says Elik Jaeger, SuiteSpot CEO and founder. “The same is true for multifamily teams, where language barriers can be an ongoing source of frustration.”

The Smart Translation™ recent add-on is designed to automatically translate key documents into the recipient's language of choice, whether they are accessing documents through SuiteSpot TRIMM™ mobile app or the desktop platform. In so doing, it provides several advantages to project stakeholders, including:

  • Detailed notes and reports: It's not enough to simply report a maintenance task as “done.” And yet, maintenance techs may not have the ability to go into detail given language barriers between their colleagues. With the ability to instantly translate field notes, team members can add important details (e.g., the scope of repairs, unexpected factors, follow-up actions, etc.) to their reports that are of greater value to their supervisors, property operators, asset managers, and residents alike.
  • Greater accuracy: The Smart Translation™ uses sophisticated software to ensure there are no miscommunications or misunderstandings between team members when dealing with critical documents (e.g., work orders, maintenance requests, inspection reports, etc.). This mitigates the risk of delays and errors that can throw maintenance tasks or make ready processes off schedule and budget.
  • Smoother workflows: There's a reason they’re called language “barriers”. The ability to push past communication roadblocks and instantly convey detailed and accurate information helps teams move faster when turning over a unit or quickly resolving maintenance issues.
  • Tighter teams: It's all too easy for teams to become split among languages. Enhancing communication between team members gives way to better collaboration, creates stronger synergies, and builds overall morale.
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Bringing teams together

SuiteSpot Smart Translation™ was built from the ground up to address the challenge of a multi-lingual work environment. And as with any critical piece of proptech, it was designed for seamless integration in the existing SuiteSpot TRIMM™ platform and easy adoption by all users of the  increasingly diverse demographic served by multifamily rental housing industry.

“Technology investments are only successful when your entire team can use them effectively,” says Sorin Michnea, SuiteSpot’s Chief Technology Officer. “Our TRIMM platform was already designed to be extremely accessible and user-friendly, and this add-on builds on that vision.”

Learn more about SuiteSpot Smart Translation™, along with other digital tools to streamline your turnover, inspection, renovation & maintenance management processes, by viewing our on-demand webinar -  How to Create Efficient Multifamily Maintenance Processes.

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