Manage Turns from Anywhere with the Smart Make-Ready Board™

Readying a multifamily unit for lease or rental takes work. A lot of work. And between inspections, repairs, replacements, and managing all parties involved, it can be difficult to keep tabs on every part of the make-ready process and even harder when operators need to do that at scale.

Here’s where SuiteSpot Maintenance's Smart Make-Ready Board™ gives new meaning to “work smarter, not harder.”

Using the Smart Make-Ready Board™, property management teams can monitor the status of each unit turnover task in real-time, such as those being carried out by maintenance teams and vendors. Better still, the digital tool is connected to the SuiteSpot Maintenance mobile app, enabling real time updates and changes to be communicated to teams in multiple locations, whether they are on the go or in front of their computer with a few easy clicks.

Complete Control For Multifamily Property Owners

Physical whiteboards and markers have served the industry well, but it is time to take advantage of proven mobile technology platforms and tools available today. With the Smart Make-Ready Board™, managers can access the information from anywhere to see make-ready project updates at a glance, and alert the appropriate people when issues arise. Moreover, each Smart Make-Ready Board™ is modular in design, meaning they can be arranged (and re-arranged) to focus on the data that matters most to each team.

“The Smart Make-Ready Board™ provides property operators complete control over their turns and reno statuses, inventory and tools for assignment & scheduling of work in real-time, from anywhere” explains Elik Jaeger, SuiteSpot CEO.

Not only is there a display of progress but, managers can also fully control the assignment and scheduling of the work items in a job. They can even assign work across multiple jobs and properties at the same time. This becomes very helpful in large communities where a high number of turns are happening at the same time and they require similar services.

In addition to tracking the status of the job, the Make-Ready Board can be configured to display any other information that is relevant during the process such as move-out date, move-in date, job cost, percentage complete, etc.

Finally, you can fully replace old style office white boards with a digital version that shows real-time statuses and updates. You no longer need to be in front of a physical make-ready board to see it or update it - anywhere you have the internet, you have your make-ready board.

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How it Works

1. Configure the Smart Make-Ready Board™ with key milestones to display the progress of each make-ready job.

2. The Smart Make-Ready Board™ is automatically updated when tasks are performed in the mobile app

3. Quickly reschedule, reassign, or change the status of tasks with just a few clicks.

Designed for ease of use and customizability

Even still, there are some common best practices that SuiteSpot customers often use to enhance their experience.

Based on our customer feedback, we recommend:

  • Standardizing the columns on the make-ready board as much as possible so that it is easy to compare progress between properties.  
  • Performing at least one inspection to identify work that needs to be performed outside of the punch list.
  • Including a column for key milestones in the turnover process (e.g., keys returned from a locksmith).
  • Including a “final inspection” type of task that, once completed, signifies the unit is “rent-ready” and marks the unit turnover job complete.
  • Where you choose to display your Smart Make-Ready Board™ counts. In many cases, customers share their board on a central computer monitor or wall-mounted flat-screen TV for optimal visibility by all staff.

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Unit Turnover Mistakes

Always Improving the Make-Ready Process

The Smart Make-Ready Board™ is one of many features that makes SuiteSpot Maintenance the go-to platform for multifamily teams. And like every tool included within the all-in-one solution, it is constantly being updated and supported by the SuiteSpot team. 

“SuiteSpot Maintenance is continually evolving. We’re always open to feedback and suggestions on how to make the experience even better for users,” notes Jaeger.

You can view an on-demand demo of the Smart Make-Ready Board™ here. 

Smart Make-Ready Board Link to Demo Request

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