SuiteSpot Launches New Mobile Software at Apartmentalize


For the first time, property operators can have an all-in-one mobile application to help them speed up unit turnovers, document and manage risk and safety liabilities, control operational costs, and improve visibility into the performance of assets & staff.

DENVER, June 26, 2019 -- SuiteSpot Technology is launching a new purpose-built mobile app helping multifamily owners and operators automate and optimize their field operations. This new software is an all in one software that combines mobile inspections, work orders, preventative maintenance, make-ready and the complete unit turnover into a holistic blended solution, changing the experience for field staff and driving actionable data to the back office.

“We are excited to launch our software at NAA Apartmentalize in Denver. We are seeing increased interest from multifamily owners and operators companies,” said Elik Jaeger, CEO, SuiteSpot Technology. “Many of these companies are looking for a reliable solution for managing all of their field maintenance processes but are finding that the solutions in the market are not meeting their needs. With SuiteSpot we are offering a one simple and flexible application tailored to their unique environments and it is providing the winning combination .”

SuiteSpot’s software is used by property managers to perform and manage all their field operation processes including make-ready/repositioning, mobile inspections & documentation, as well as mobile work orders and comparison of bids. SuiteSpot scheduled and recurring maintenance workflows help with staff accountability in performing daily walkthroughs and regular maintenance inspections to prevent issues that can lead to liability and operational cost leakage.

"SuiteSpot has streamlined our turnover and maintenance processes and given us transparency in our financial reporting," said Margaret Herd, Senior Vice President, Residential Property Management at Park Property Management. “We have managed to speed up our operations and address errors in real time. SuiteSpot has been invaluable in standardizing our processes and the mobile inspection data has significantly increased our rate of resident chargeback recovery.”

SuiteSpot is powered by a configurable Workflow Engine that tracks all tasks and escalates when work is not performed on time. SuiteSpot plugs directly into property management software to allow asset managers to capture a wider and deeper level of insight and data associated with capital expenditures from the field, ultimately enabling optimization and enhancement of portfolio NOI.

SuiteSpot is at NAA Apartmentalize in booth 1663 June 27-28 where we are offering live software demonstrations.

About SuiteSpot:

SuiteSpot is a leading PropTech mobile and cloud software solution designed for automating and optimizing multifamily operations. SuiteSpot’s technology includes an all-in-one mobile application for performing and managing the complete make-ready process, inspections & documentation, as well as work orders. SuiteSpot is used by owners and operators field staff to speed up unit turnovers, document and manage risk and safety liabilities, control operational costs and ultimately saving time and money and provide greater visibility into the performance of assets & staff.

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