SuiteSpot Puts Unit Turnovers on Autopilot at NMHC OPTECH


Digital transformation has come to the multifamily sector. SuiteSpot Technology’s all-in-one mobile unit turnover platform is giving today’s multifamily owners and operators the tools to conduct unit turnovers with greater speed, mobility, accuracy, and control than ever before -- all while improving risk management and portfolio performance. 

The property management community is increasingly relying on technology to optimize net operating income (NOI) and revenue. In recent years, asset owners and managers have adopted digital tools to streamline leasing, enhance resident experiences, optimize procurement, upgrade revenue management, and more.

Today, there's one huge cost center that's long overdue for a transformation: the unit turnover process.

Unit turnovers 2.0

Unit turnovers are among the most recurring and costly property management tasks. What’s more, they are left mostly in the hands of dispersed field staff and hindered by confusing paper trails, disconnected data, and lack of portfolio oversight. These inefficiencies can result in unexpected costs, missed opportunities, and operational delays. 

Enter: SuitSpot’s unit turnover technology, an all-in-one mobile platform designed to bring greater efficiency and clarity to the turnover process and drive significant portfolio value in the process. 

“We are excited to participate again at the NMHC Optech in Dallas. We continue to see increased interest from multifamily operators that are looking to automate their unit turnover process,” said Elik Jaeger, CEO, SuiteSpot Technology. “Many of these companies are looking for a reliable solution for managing all of their field maintenance processes but find that the solutions in the market do not meet their needs. With SuiteSpot, we offer a simple and flexible multi-platform software tailored to their unique environments, and it is providing the winning combination.”

Using SuiteSpot’s cloud-based mobile turnover solution, multifamily property managers and owners can overcome many common issues within the unit inspection and turnover process without the need for a significant up-front investment in technology. Combining mobile applications and a cloud-based platform, the technology:

  • Provides reliable and real-time communication between field staff and head office.
  • Streamlines, accelerates, or automates manual workflows (e.g., work orders, inspection data entry, procurement, etc.).
  • Enables greater standardization of turnovers across the portfolio.
  • Decreases vacancy loss. 

Industry-proven Unit Turnover Solution 

Today, SuiteSpot’s software is used by property managers to perform and manage all their field operation processes, including make-ready/renovations, mobile inspections and documentation,  mobile work orders, and work bid comparisons. More industry stakeholders are taking advantage of SuiteSpot scheduled and recurring maintenance workflows to keep staff accountable when performing daily walkthroughs and regular maintenance inspections. This prevents issues that can lead to liability and operational cost leakage. 

"SuiteSpot has streamlined our turnover and maintenance processes and given us transparency in our financial reporting," said Margaret Herd, Senior Vice President, Residential Property Management at Park Property Management. “We have managed to speed up our operations and address errors in real-time. SuiteSpot has been invaluable in standardizing our processes, and the mobile inspection data has significantly increased our rate of resident chargeback recovery.”  

SuiteSpot is powered by a configurable workflow engine that tracks all tasks and escalates issues when work is not performed on time. SuiteSpot also plugs directly into property management software to allow asset managers and operators to capture a broader and deeper level of insight and data associated with capital expenditures and operational expenses from the field, ultimately optimizing and enhancing portfolio NOI. 

See how SuiteSpot Technology can transform your operations at NMHC OPTECH from November 11 - 13, 2019. Visit us in booth 163 to learn more and get hands-on with live software demonstrations. 

About SuiteSpot

SuiteSpot is a leading PropTech mobile and cloud software solution designed for automating and optimizing multifamily operations. SuiteSpot’s technology includes an all-in-one mobile application for performing and managing the complete unit turnover process, inspections & documentation, as well as work orders. It is used by owners and operators field staff to speed up unit turnovers, document and manage risk and safety liabilities, control operational costs and ultimately saving time and money and provide greater visibility into the performance of assets & staff. 

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