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3 Change Models to Keep Business Transformation on Track

You’ve probably had some genius idea to improve your business, only to find it’s far more difficult to implement that you realized. Let’s face it—most of us have implemented […]

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5 Tips to Keep Your Digital Transformation from Derailing

A digital transformation should enable and accelerate your business growth. Yet without the right approach, many technology upgrades fall short of expectations. After all, […]

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6 Ways to Get Tech-Averse Teams to Use Technology

The digital revolution is here, but not everyone is eager to leave old habits in the past. For employers working with non-tech-savvy staff, this can leave opportunities for […]

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Unit Turnover Made Easy

The unit turnover process has many moving parts. Among the most critical are vendor procurement and management. Making quick (and thorough) work of unit repairs or […]

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Upgrading Multifamily Maintenance

As multifamily property owners and operators can attest, unit turnovers can be both time-consuming and labor-intensive - and that’s not even counting repairs. Fortunately, […]

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Ask the Expert: Adopting Property Management Tech

New and evolving technologies are re-coding how property managers work. Yet while there are certainly benefits to bringing digital systems, mobile innovations, and “smarter” […]

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New Tools for Multi-Res Professionals

  IMPROVING OPERATIONS THROUGH TECHNOLOGY Property stakeholders are in constant search for ways to manage costs and streamline operations. This is equally true for multi-res […]

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An End to Pen and Paper?

Scribbled notes and hand-written reports have worked fine for unit inspectors for decades. Yet with operations going digital, and the size and scope of inspections […]

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Should You Use A Mobile Unit Inspection App?

Industries can be reluctant to adopt new technology. Some professionals prefer the “old ways” believing modern technologies can't replace traditional tools. These attitudes […]