9 Must-See Sessions at Apartmentalize 2021



From industry trends in tech and leadership advice, to group discussions and COVID tips for the coming months—Apartmentalize 2021 is bursting with unmissable events. 

It’s no secret we’re a big fan of this event, and we think the organizers have done a fantastic job of pulling together a program during some pretty strange times. Here are some sessions that have caught our eye.

1. Director of Maintenance Roundtable

When it comes to overseeing multifamily  property maintenance, the devil is in the details. From understanding chlorine levels in the pool to knowing what size wrench is used on the bathroom door, it’s important maintenance teams know exactly what they need. This is no easy task—especially when your teams work over multiple sites, cities, and states. 

In this session, attendees will join a field of experts on hand to discuss all things maintenance, with answers to your most pressing questions and tips on how to manage change from afar, how to update your current technology model (here is our take on Embracing New Tech), how to streamline procurement, and more. Don’t miss this one. 

2. Technology to Take On Maintenance and Fair Housing

Of everyone on the rental team, the maintenance technician is the person residents interact with the most. They usually do this either when the technician is in a home during a repair job or working on the grounds of the property. 

In this session, attendees will learn more about technologies that reduce fair housing complaints typically associated with maintenance. You’ll also learn about using tech to prioritize tasks, provide real-time service updates, and streamline procedures to help mitigate fair housing violations. 

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3. Virtually Unstoppable: Managing Properties from Anywhere

The pandemic has put enormous pressure on the housing industry. From PPE competition and limited home access, to health risks and shelter-in-place rules that seem to change week-by-week, it’s been incredibly tough for housing rental teams to plan and manage their day-to-day operations. The good news is, tough conditions have given rise to some technical innovations that have revamped the way we do things. 

Resident-led move-in inspections, virtual tours, and digital project management that keeps teams safe have all led the way—and it’s unlikely these things will disappear as we emerge from the pandemic. In this session, four housing rental experts will explore and explain how they successfully flexed to a remote way of working. They’ll then discuss why they think virtual solutions are here for good. 

Improve your Turnover, Renovation, Inspection and Maintenance Management (TRIMM) Processes with a single mobile platform

4. Maximize Efficiency: Priority Management is Not Time Management

Time management has been a business buzzword for years—and there are countless strategies to choose from. However, when we don’t quite manage to get our schedules and workflows under control, it can leave us feeling stressed and unsuccessful. The real reason isn’t that you’re a failure—it’s because time just can’t be managed. It can’t be paused or rewound, saved up or stored. So what can we do to use it more effectively?

In this session, attendees will learn about prioritization and sticking to plans, as well as how to best utilize the time they do have.

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5. What the Pandemic Taught Us About Maintenance

While the last year and a half has been an enormous struggle for businesses and workers alike, there has been a silver lining: innovations have helped to reassess how work is being done. The pandemic emphasized the value of maintenance workers. We also learned how to adapt and provide services while keeping residents and teams safe. 

Maintenance has a direct impact on reviews, so it pays to keep maintenance teams working as efficiently as possible. In this session, you’ll learn how companies have evolved their maintenance processes to stay safe and productive during the pandemic. 

See how Covid has proved to be a major accelerant for technology in the multifamily industry 

6. Find, Hire, and Keep a High Performing Maintenance Team

Maintenance performance plays a critical role in renewal choices. Unfortunately, maintenance employees often have the highest turnover rate among all rental staff. Turnover is projected to exceed 40% in 2021. 

High turnover has a direct impact on your bottom line, as well as the ability for your company to perform maintenance checks. This is why it’s important companies reevaluate the way they recruit, train, and keep a strong maintenance workforce. 

In this session, business leaders who have lower turnover rates will be there to share real-world examples and practical tips you can learn from. They’ll also offer pointers on where to find the best candidates, how to successfully onboard new team members, and how to make sure they’re motivated and equipped to perform their very best. 

Empowering your maintenance team with tech can make their onboarding and day-to-day easier, while also increasing retention with happier, more productive employees

7. Coaching Already-Burned-Out Teams to Deliver Top-Notch Service

Essential workers have been under extreme pressure during the pandemic as they juggle childcare, job security, and their own fears about the virus while working. According to multiple surveys and reports, stress among this group of employees has been on the rise, while confidence in their leadership has plummeted as the pandemic wears on. Positive reviews and ratings are vital for housing rental business success, but they’re earned by workers who are rapidly burning out. 

Join this session to learn more about how to motivate and revitalize burned-out teams and keep delivering first-rate service as we emerge from the pandemic. 

8. AI: More than the Next Big Thing

AI is so much more than a fad. As business-relevant uses for artificial intelligence pick up speed, more and more companies and industries are embracing the technology. 

Blending the power of machines with human and social intelligence, AI can streamline workflows and boost ROI. Unfortunately, the uptake in the rental housing sector has been limited. 

In this session, you’ll learn all about how to use AI as part of your revenue management strategy in a way that goes beyond price optimization. Learn how to use it to vet prospect and applicant behavior, as well as maximize asset use and value. Trust us—you don’t want to miss this one. 

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9: Beer Garden

Grab a cold drink and head up to the rooftop garden to relax, unwind and take a breather from the hubbub of the conference. With skyline views over Chicago, it’s the perfect place to enjoy some fresh air and mingle with your peers. Oh, and your first drink is on the house. What’s not to like?

I hope you spot something in this list that takes your fancy. We had a fantastic time at last year’s virtual event, and we can’t wait to get back to networking in person at this year’s conference. 

To learn more about SuiteSpot and how you can leverage technology to help streamline your maintenance processes, be sure to visit us at Apartmentalize 2021, Booth #2507.

Hope to see you there!

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