Upgrading Multifamily Maintenance


As multifamily property owners and operators can attest, unit turnovers can be both time-consuming and labor-intensive - and that’s not even counting repairs. Fortunately, new and emerging technologies are making it easier to automate, streamline, and optimize the process.

Enter: SuiteSpot Technology.

Introduced to the property management community in 2009, SuiteSpot is a feature-rich software platform that provides mobile apps, resources, and data analytics tools to tackle end-to-end unit turnovers and maintenance processes. Moreover, it enables onsite staff to collaborate in real-time with vendors and their team.

“The simplest way is to think of [SuiteSpot] is as a mobile application – or 'app' – that manages everything related to property management field operations," says Elik Jaeger, SuiteSpot Founder and CEO. "It's a tool that gives property operators and managers greater control and oversight throughout the entire unit turnover process, from preventative maintenance to unit inspections and all of the work that needs to be done by either internal staff and external contractors to make that process shorter and more cost-effective."

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An end-to-end solution

From the first request to the final hand-off, SuiteSpot facilitates the entire unit turnover process. The SuiteSpot app can be used on virtually any mobile device and is connected to the SuiteSpot back-office platform. Through it, users can access a broad range of tools, resources, and job-enhancing functions, including:

  • Tailored unit inspection templates: SuiteSpot's app is pre-loaded with inspection checklists for a variety of inspection types (e.g. move-in/out, common area, state and condition, life and safety, etc.).
  • Secure digital storage: Inspection evidence (e.g., photos, videos, and notes) can be securely stored on the device and shared in real-time with authorized team members.
  • Real-time collaboration: Live workflows and real-time project tracking help team members (e.g., field staff, managers, office professionals, and trusted vendors) track their progress on any given job. Each team member can also share real-time feedback and updates, get alerts for exception reporting, and streamline team performance.
  • Work orders management: With the click of the screen, field staff can receive and initiate work orders, monitor their status, and have all transactions documented for future reference.
  • Head office integration: Data from inspections can be integrated with back-office property management and accounting systems. This helps to streamline approvals, budgets and cost allocations, ensure compliance, mitigate asset risks, and execute data-driven strategic decisions.
  • Real-time metrics: The ability to feed inspection data directly to critical systems enables organizations to track everything from turnover spending history to resident chargebacks, portfolio performances to unit ROI, and spending anomalies on unit turnover cycles.

Unit turnovers can be demanding, but they don't have to be. Visit SuiteSpot to learn more about taking your multifamily operations to the next level. You can also Request a Demo, call us at 1-647-797-1997, or contact us online.

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