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3 Tips to Eliminate Costly Delays in the Unit Turnover Process

Time is of the essence during unit turnovers, which means the pressure is on from the moment you learn that a resident has given notice to vacate their unit. Since every […]

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More Efficient Unit Turnovers: 6 Tips to Help Your Digital Transformation

Empty units mean they’re generating zero income, and while multifamily housing (MFH) turnovers dipped to historic lows during the pandemic, the industry cannot bank on this […]

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6 Ways the Pandemic Could Strengthen Your Digital Transformation

Business as usual? These days, it's anything but. Yet if there's a productive result of COVID-19, it's that organizations are taking the pandemic as a cue to kick-start their […]

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The 3 Types of Unit Turnover Costs and How to Control Them

Think you know the true cost of a rental unit turnover? You may want to check the books. While it's easy to plan for the standard services and predictable expenses, there are […]

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Effective Vendor Management: The "Secret Sauce" for Successful Unit Turnovers

In the days of razor-thin margins and rising expectations, reliable vendors and contractors are the “secret sauce” that can mean the difference between a successful unit […]

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Unit Turnover Made Easy

The unit turnover process has many moving parts. Among the most critical are vendor procurement and management. Making quick (and thorough) work of unit repairs or […]

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New Tools for Multi-Res Professionals

  IMPROVING OPERATIONS THROUGH TECHNOLOGY Property stakeholders are in constant search for ways to manage costs and streamline operations. This is equally true for multi-res […]

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9 Ways to Speed Up the Unit Make-Ready Process

The unit make-ready process consists of three main components: resident move-out, making the unit rent-ready, and marketing and leasing to a new resident. Of these three […]

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How to Evaluate Unit Make-Ready Software

Landlords, property managers, and field staff benefit from unit make-ready software in several ways: